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Children, animals and regular life are hard on your expensive hardwood floors. Over time, normal wear and tear will cause the finish on your beautiful hardwood floor to become scratched and lose it's luster. A full refinishing can be extremely expensive and incredibly messy. Not to mention, it can take days to complete the process.

Blue Diamond Premium Cleaning and Restoration has solved that problem with our Hardwood Floor Cleaning and Finishing Process which can restore your floors finish and make it look like new again. The process is odorless, dust-free and affordable. In most cases, you will be able to walk on the floor the same day.

Let our team inspect your floor and give you a free proposal. You will be amazed at just how little your investment will be to keep your big investment looking great.

"I didn’t think anything could fix my hardwood floors except completely refinishing the whole thing by sanding it and everything. But Blue Diamond Premium proved me wrong when they took on the challenge to restore my floor’s finish. I thought it would take several days to do the work but they did it perfectly in one afternoon. Even with some difficult spots. Now it is so easy to keep clean and everything just wipes right up. Thank you Blue Diamond Premium, you are the BEST!" - Marie T.