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Pet Odor and Stains

We love our pets. An unfortunate part of that love is dealing with the random accidents on your nice carpets and rugs. Urine damage is not only an odor problem, but it also results in stains and can become a contamination and health issue if not handled properly.

Our Blue Diamond Premium team is trained and certified to remove those problem odors and pet stains. We use a powerful UV light to aid in detecting urine spots not normally seen by the naked eye. Highly specialized products are used to clean, neutralize and deodorize the urine. Our unique tools are designed to perform a deep, subsurface extraction, resulting in a thorough removal of urine that goes down into the pad and sub-floor. If the urine is not removed from the pad, the smell will return. Most stains can be removed as well if the carpet fiber has not been damaged.

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