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Leather has always been known for its beauty, durability and long life. Leather is comfortable, inviting and creates a feeling of prestige. Leather can last a life time if cared for properly. You may even have a favorite chair that once belonged to your parents or grandparents.

Without proper cleaning and care, leather is prone to fading, cracking, and losing its natural feel. Time and usage will gradually remove any protector that may have been applied, exposing the leather to further damage.

Blue Diamond Premium has the best Leather Cleaning Process in the industry, and it is recommended by hundreds of tanneries from around the world. All leather furniture is not the same. Just like the fabrics on upholstery, some leathers are very durable, but many are more sensitive and need special care. Many, if not most, "home remedies" and over the counter cleaning kits can actually be harmful to your leather. As you know, leather is not inexpensive - don't take chances! Let the professionals at Blue Diamond Premium help you care for your investment.

We also give you the advice you need to care for your beautiful leather in between professional cleanings. We'll help you protect your investment.

Our Blue Diamond Premium team includes specialists that can care for your prized animal skin rugs as well as animal mounts. These types of items require specific techniques and products. You can trust that the professionals at Blue Diamond Premium Cleaning and Restoration will take care of these one of a kind items with your best interest in mind and the knowledge and experience necessary. In cases where travel is necessary to care for such trophy items, please contact our office and specify your needs.

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